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What Your Home Needs for The Winter

Prepare your home for the winter with essentials.

There are many things your home would need to prepare for the winter. When you forget about these essential things, you can get stuck in the cold during the heart of the winter. Oil and gas furnaces are necessary to keep you prepared. Homeowners often forget about the furnace mainly because after an oil or gas furnace installation, if nothing goes wrong, it’s out of your mind. If your home does not have an oil or gas furnace, it could save you thousands of dollars on heat.

The cost of heat is a cost that is often underestimated. Without a furnace, you are trapped into paying thousands of additional dollars in heat because you will need a significant amount of gas to ensure your home is warm. When you have an oil or gas furnace installation unit, your home will require up to 95% less gas to heat a home. However, if you have an older model furnace installation unit, it would only be 60% less gas to heat your home. That is why, especially before and during the winter, there has to be constant maintenance on your furnace installation unit.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we could ensure that your furnace installation unit is in tip-top shape for the winter. Even if your furnace is on its last legs, we could come and help you out with an estimate. We at New York Boiler and AC repair offer various services. Whether it is heating repair or installation, we strive to be the best Long Island heating repair HVAC company. Even if you do not have a furnace installation until, we could come and give you a quote on which furnace is best for you and your home, whether it is an oil or gas furnace installation unit.

Many homeowners do not know the difference between an oil or gas furnace or even a furnace. However, many people would assume that the oil furnace would have a higher efficiency rate by bringing heat to the home; other costs involved with this might make a gas furnace more effective for your home. Either way, these two things save a person thousands on heat, especially in such a cold winter. That is why if you have a furnace currently, you should get the furnace maintained before or during the winter to ensure 100% effectiveness of your unit. If you do not have a unit, please consider installing one because this could be a big favor for the environment and your pockets. Either way, please call us at New York Boiler and AC repair for either a quote or furnace repair. It’s better to be safe than sorry; when you call us, we will send in the best Long Island HVAC contractors to help see which unit will be best suited for you or to repair.

The Greenest Way to Heat Your Home

Over the decade, there have been many different controversial topics on global warming worldwide and what America could do to help stop the crisis. Many homeowners have resorted to many other eco-friendly options for their homes, such as solar panels. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we understand that this is a big epidemic; however, to ease the thought of this crisis, we offer the service of Oil furnace repair and installation. Even though many different countries, such as the UK, have heat pumps that would be better for the environment, they are not as effective as an oil furnace installation unit.

An oil furnace installation unit is better for the environment because it does not burn fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the minimal resources in the environment and can add to the global warming epidemic. Some homeowners will go with gas furnace installation units because they are more effective. The oil furnace installation unit, however, will save you double on gas cost if properly maintained and repaired. An oil furnace will effectively heat your home and use up to 80% gas and is simply more eco-friendly. 

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we care about our Long Island HVAC contractors; environment and want the best option for you and your home. Sometimes the most eco-friendly option is the best, and you didn't even know it! When installing or continuing to use and repair your oil furnace installation unit, you are doing two critical things. First off, you are taking a step towards stopping global warming and persevering with the earth's natural gases. Second, as important, you are helping yourself by saving thousands on heat each winter. This is a more effective way to warm up your home and to keep your family cozy. Heaters help contribute to global warming each day. Every time we use our electricity to heat or cool our house, we unintentionally cause greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere. This is not a good thing for the environment, not at all. That is why using your oil furnace would be the most effective option for the environment and your pockets. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we care about the environment and we care about you. If you have any more questions or would like a quote to replace your unit or see if this could be an option for your home act brisk to call. We will send over the best Long Island HVAC contractors to help with the job.

Your House Protects You, Help Protect Your House

Chimneys are looked at as designs to people’s property. It's an aesthetic to have a chimney on your home or a fireplace. However, a chimney has a lot more maintenance than many homeowners anticipate; many other maintenances needs to be considered when you have a chimney on your home. Fireplaces may look aesthetically pleasing in your home but they can require maintenance such as repairs and cleaning.

A dirty chimney could cause damage to your home and even to you and your family. Chimney fires are a real thing and can cause injury or even death. Explosive fires can occur that could have been prevented if you had cleaned your chimney correctly. Chimney cleaning and maintenance are necessary if you have a chimney. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we care about you and your families well being, and we offer a variety of services such as chimney repairs and cleaning. If you do not remember the last time you had cleaned your chimney, please call our Long Island HVAC contractors; we will have a look and help serve you to the best of our ability.

Homeowners underestimate the likelihood of their chimney catching fire, and however you are using your chimney, creosote could build up inside the chimney flue and cause a massive fire. For those who do not know what a chimney flue is, it is the space inside the chimney. Creosote could get stuck in that space and, if not properly cleaned and can cause a massive fire.  According to the National Fire Protection, a maintenance service should clean your chimney at least once annually to prevent fire effectively. This goes for chimney maintenance as well as repairing your chimney. This is very necessary to prevent fires as well as property damage.

Your home does a great deed for you and your family, and it helps keep your family safe from the elements and the outside world. Please do the same for your house by maintaining the things inside it, such as the chimney. Chimney repair and cleaning are critical when ensuring the safety and well-being of your home. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we can help keep all of you safe in your home. It is not too late to have your annual chimney maintenance and cleaning. Please do not hesitate to call and ask about chimney maintenance and cleanings today.

Preparing Your Pool for the Summer

Since it is the winter, now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the summer. Many summer units could be used in the springtime, which is fast is approaching. You wouldn't want to plan a jacuzzi get-together in April if your pool heater needs a repair. Most of the time we do not know if a pool heater needs repairs since we are not using our pools or jacuzzis for five months of winter. This could become an issue approaching the spring because if your pool heater does not work, you won't be able to use your pool.

Perhaps your pool does not have a heater system, you will still need to continually maintain your pool pump. Pool pumps also need to be maintained and properly repaired. Even though pool pumps have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, it is essential to have them inspected before the summer begins. Without a working pool pump, you would not be able to use your pool. You wouldn't want to disappoint your loved ones in the hot summer climate. A pool pump is used to continually filter the water and check the chemicals in the pool. Without a pool pump, you would be swimming in dirty water in a sense, and the pool without a pump would not circulate the water correctly. It is recommended that a pool pump is running for about eight hours a day to clean and monitor your pool effectively.

To ensure whether or not you need pool heater and pool pump repair, please give us a call and New York Boiler and AC repair. Our HVAC contractors service all over Long Island and Nassau, and Suffolk county. Please do not wait until the last minute to prepare your pool for the summer. This is especially important during COVID-19 as it is much simpler to have a pool in your home to obtain social distancing and ensure a safe summer. Pool pumps and heater repairs are necessary to ensure the safe use of your pool. This will prepare you for summer now, so you and your loved ones could have a fun, safe, and socially distanced summer. Please do not wait until your pool pump and heater completely dies out; be sure to maintain it and to give us a call at New York City Boiler and AC repair for a friendly estimate.

Shaving Thousands Off of Your Gas Bill

Homeowners want to shave thousands of dollars off their gas bills but lack the knowledge on how to do so. At New York Boiler and AC repair, our Long Island HVAC contractors are willing and able to help with this. At our Long Island boiler and furnace repair company, our customer is the number one factor. We want to make sure that we are keeping their best interests at heart, as well as saving our customers thousands of dollars.

Without Oil or gas furnace installation units, your gas bill could increase tremendously as we pass through this freezing winter. Allowing our Long Island HVAC contractors in your home to give you an estimate could help you save tremendously over the years. Both of our gas and oil furnace installation units offer a variety of different incentives and savings. After installing your unit, there is only annual maintenance and the furnace installation unit can last up to 20 years. These maintenance fees are nothing compared to what you would be saving. Overall, it is worth having the furnace installation unit.

When you think about it being a homeowner on Long Island, you spend hefty expenses on your heat every winter. The winter months tend to be longer than the summer months, and this is why the prices can be so hardy. After installing your furnace installation unit, the prices do not become so hefty and more affordable to maintain. Your family could use the extra money you save on these necessary life needs towards other homeowner expenses or even for a rainy day. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we are a part of your family and want to give you the best experience and prices available. When you call us and send our Long Island HVAC contractors, we can assure you that we are saving you thousands of dollars over the next twenty years. Saving you money saves us money. Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call at New York Boiler and AC repair. We service all over Long Island, including Nassau and Suffolk county. We want to give our family the best discount on their gas bill and life.

Gas and Oil Water Heaters for Beginners

Gas and oil water heaters are essential for your home; however, many people do not know the difference between them. At New York Boiler and AC Repair, we want to ensure that our customers see the difference between them. When we send in our Long Island HVAC technicians, we want our customers to know what kinds of questions to ask and why these water heaters are necessary for their homes. If our customers are left not knowing the difference between a gas and oil water heater, we at New York Boiler and AC repair can not correctly explain which unit is best for our client's home.

An oil water heater typically could be up to four times faster than any other water heater and are very reliable for long-term operation. Typically an oil-water heater would cost less to operate because mostly these water heaters use oil or electricity. An oil water heater is a more modern HVAC technology as opposed to a gas water heater.

The gas water heater may not be as fast as the oil-water heater; however, this is the go-to system some people choose to go to because this unit does save you thousands on your electric and gas bill overall. What makes the gas water heater unique is that this installation unit does not use electricity. Even during a power outage, gas water heaters with electric pilot lights could work because they are not reliant on only electricity. If your home suffers from frequent power outages, the gas water heater might be more beneficial for you and your family. Even in the dark, you could still have hot water to cook and clean, and do other activities. With the gas water heater, your home's power outage will not be an issue with your water usage. Oil-water heaters would not work in a power outage because this unit needs electricity.

Since we have now covered the basics of the differences, benefits, and conflicts of having either gas or oil water heaters, we hope you have a better understanding of these two units. Both of these water installation units will save you a tremendous amount of money on your gas and electric bills. Without these units being installed, your gas, electric, and water bill could be tripled in price. When we send our Long Island HVAC contractors, please do not hesitate to ask them further questions after having a better understanding of water heaters.

Does Inclement Weather Damage Your Outdoor AC Installation Unit?

When inquiring about installing our outdoor AC installation units, many homeowners would like to know if inclement weather can cause damage. At New York City Boiler and AC Repair, we understand that for our clients when with our Long Island HVAC contractors these certain kinds of questions could be awkward or hard to ask. Our outdoor AC installation units are built to withstand inclement weather. However, everything in life does have its limitations, there may be storms that the unit cannot withstand and can cause destruction.

Rooftop units are meant to be outdoors. They can withstand rain, wind, snow, and many various types of inclement weather. When we have extreme inclement weather such as flash floods and hurricanes this can damage your outdoor system or possibly require a replacement. A lot of clients do not know this when choosing to install a rooftop unit. There are many benefits of a rooftop unit but this is one of the issues of having a rooftop unit. If there is flooding or your unit becomes submerged this could be an issue. The likelihood of that happening is not very big in New York but we do get hurricanes and flash floods from time to time. This is not a common weather occurrence and this issue should not shy you away from installing an outdoor unit. It is beneficial for you to be aware of things that could happen when you have an outdoor unit.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want to ensure that our clients understand what an outdoor unit could endure. These units are meant to endure some extreme inclement weather but the unit should not be submerged under the water. This happening is not very likely to occur unless we have an extreme hurricane or flash flood. Since the unit is on your roof, your whole house would need to be submerged to affect the unit. Although our outdoor AC installation units are built to withstand a lot of nature, as homeowners, we do worry from time to time if the weather will affect these units. The answer is yes, but only in extremely rare cases in which your unit was submerged. The likelihood of that happening is little to none; and your unit will survive snow, rain, and wind.

Effective Ways to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

Many different HVAC insulation units become greatly affected when there is a snowstorm; these units vary from oil furnaces, gas furnaces, and HVAC rooftop units. Even though these units are indeed built for weathering, they can be damaged due to severe inclement weather. As a homeowner who has an HVAC unit, it is essential to know what steps you should take to preserve your unit even more. These winter checks are outstanding in ensuring that your household and home will be sufficient for the winter. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want our clients to have the best experience possible. When we install units in your home; we guarantee sustainability. With these tips, we can ensure sustainability because the proper measures are being taken.

Air filters in your home HVAC systems are critical and must be cleaned out once a year, especially before a snowstorm or in the winter. If you are unsure how to clean your air filter for your HVAC system, call us as soon as you can. Our Long Island HVAC contractors could come right in and service them. These filters can quickly build up dirt and increase the debris and lower the airflow within your home. These filters are supposed to prevent germs from getting inside your home. It's important to know that these filters can break or may not be effective without proper maintenance before a snowstorm. Your gas or oil furnace will need a tune-up because it will be putting in extra work for the wintertime. Air vents are a big part of maintaining your HVAC unit for the winter. Be sure that your air vents are not blocked by furniture, limiting the airflow and causing the temperature to decrease. Lastly, one of the essential things to double-check within your HVAC unit is insulation. Insulation is the most effective way to secure the temperate and airflow within your home. For your annual winter tune-up, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline to help with this issue. Call New York Boiler and AC Repair and we can tune-up and repair your furnace or HVAC insulation system. Call our Long Island contractors before it's too late!

Do HVAC insulation units improve air quality?

Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits an HVAC installation system could have on their home. Would this system improve their quality of life and cut costs on significant utility bills? The topic we are about to touch on is actually air quality and how exactly your HVAC installation filter will improve your life quality.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we care about your health and value our clients. Many homeowners do not understand how vital these filters are; the filters inside your AC ventilation units help regulate the air in your home. The air filter will help take out many different pathogens and bacteria. This is critical, especially during these uncertain times, because the air filter could prevent viruses and pathogens. We want to ensure your safety as well as our own. Without using these filters, many issues can occur, mainly due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. HVAC insulation units help ensure all of our safety with the air quality and ensure that outside pathogens do not enter your home.

Suppose you do not currently have an HVAC furnace installation unit or an AC installation unit. These units and filters could be very prominent in guaranteeing extra safety. There are many precautions that people take to avoid contracting viruses and diseases; however, with some of these pathogens being in our air, it is enviable. We could help defeat the inevitable by merely installing an HVAC unit with an air filter, whether this is an AC or furnace installation unit. Both of these units are significant preventable assets to diseases and pathogens. An AC or furnace insulation unit can benefit more than preventing diseases, such as if you or your loved ones have breathing issues or asthma. This is also a significant preventable action to prevent allergies from developing. Studies have been conducted that link low air quality to allergies.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, you are a part of our family, and we want to keep you safe. Our Long Island HVAC contractors will help answer any questions that you have when you call us. We service Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk county; we want to help you improve your quality of life quality. Please do yourself a favor and contact us to help us do this.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment contact our team today at (516) 219-1952 or fill out our quick and easy online form.