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The Benefits of Owning a Pool Heater

The summer is approaching, and some of our Long Island homeowners have a pool in their homes. As homeowners with pools, we may have many questions, such as what our pool heater is and why I would need one. At New York City Boiler and AC Repair, our skilled Long Island technicians take the initiative to answer these questions that many homeowners ask.

A pool heater is a device that regulates the temperature in your pool. This could be very beneficial because most pools are outside. Without the pool heater, there would be no way to regulate the temperature other than the sun. When you have a pool heater installed in your pool, you can control how hot the temperature is within the pool. This can make things much more comfortable for you to go swimming in the pool.

Now that we covered the basics of what exactly a pool heater is, let's go over which one would be best for you. You can use electricity or gas to heat your pool. when you invest in an electric heater, this would be using electricity, meaning that the electric heater would be powered by electricity, as opposed to the gas heater that would be used with oil. The electric heater may be better for the environment because it is not burning oil. However, due to advancements made in technology, the gas heater has a slight carbon footprint and is not that bad because of advancements made and technology. Both of these water heaters have low annual operating costs, and to truly determine which one would be best for you, our Long Island HVAC technicians would have to come in and give a look. Initially, when dealing with the gas and electric water heater, the gas water heater would be cheaper; however, the electric water heater would be more beneficial in the long run because it lasts longer. With this information being said, having a pool heater, in general, would benefit your pool because, as well as making the temperature more comfortable for yourself and your family, you would be able to regulate the temperature and the chemicals much more efficiently.