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The Importance of a 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Hotline

The importance of having a 24-hour emergency HVAC hotline.

Many homeowners do not understand the importance of choosing an HVAC company with a 24-hour hotline to service their home. Furnace and boiler repairs are often underestimated, and many people do not put much thought into them after installation. When a furnace or boiler HVAC installation unit is installed correctly, the unit with proper maintenance could last up to twenty years. However, most of the time, homeowners will only know the basics about furnace or boiler HVAC installation units, and maintenance and tune-ups are not annually done. Without your annual tune-up, there is now a risk factor that your HVAC unit will deteriorate and wear down faster. With faster deterioration, your furnace or boiler installation unit could break down very unexpectedly. This is a terrifying thought for many homeowners because this would cause no heat or hot water which is essential for life.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we understand that these mishaps happen; that’s why we have our 24- hour hotline. Many other HVAC companies service Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk county do not have this service available. When you choose us to service your home, we want to be ready anytime possible that you need us. We have our 24-hour hotline because we want to be prepared for any potential HVAC emergency you may have. Our Long Island HVAC contractors are round the clock ready to come and service your home. You're a part of our family, and what better way to keep your family safe than to be prepared 24 hours a day. Natural disasters happen at any time of the day during the week; it is only fair to be ready and prepared for them. We strive to always be prepared for any HVAC disaster you may have. We use the expression, “better safe than sorry",  all the time. Before you have a mishap, call us for your annual tune-up. With this in mind, things do happen even if you when you take preventative measures. We also understand this great possibility and want to be there to help you in your time of need. Many companies cannot provide you this service but we can!  Call us at any time of the day or night. We will have our Long Island contractors in to fix your HVAC problem as soon as you allow.

The Importance of a Boiler Service Contract on Your Commercial Building

HVAC boiler service contracts are not only valid for homeowners. If you are a business owner or a commercial building owner, this could be the route for you too. Boiler service contract agreements save you thousands of dollars on tune-ups and the maintenance needed for your Commercial HVAC installation unit. Most of the time, a commercial building will have an HVAC installation unit, whether this is a furnace, boiler, or AC unit, simply because it is easy to provide heat, water, and AC this way. The unit will provide all of the tenants or your business very quickly. It's important to note that these systems tend to break over the years due to low maintenance. After installing an HVAC unit, there are necessary expenses you need to properly maintain the unit.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we understand that maintenance of your furnace, boiler, or AC installation unit can get very costly. That is why we offer a variety of different boiler service agreements and contracts. Our Long Island HVAC technicians want to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our service and our price. There is no better way to do this than to go with us and look into our boiler agreements and contracts. We have various deals because we understand that not all HVAC installation units require the same maintenance methods; different units need different things. We have reliable and affordable service agreements; that include various services such as through inspections or your annual tune-ups. Our skilled Long Island technicians are available any time of the day, 24- hours a day, for your tune-up or simple maintenance on your commercial HVAC system. A boiler service agreement or contract could come in handy. Mishaps and breakdowns tend to happen when we least expect them. We can't prevent these things from happening, but we can be prepared. A contract with us would ensure your safety and well-being in your commercial building. Please help us protect you by protecting yourself with a service contract.

Early Identification; Could Save your life

After installing a furnace installation unit, it is essential to understand and know the warning signs before your system breaks down. Knowing some of these signs could help you tremendously in the future more than you know. Whether you have an oil or gas furnace installation unit, it is essential to understand and learn how to identify the big warning signs on its last legs. Many people underestimate how long a furnace is supposed to last. A gas or oil furnace should last up to twenty years, but people may not know this and have a system for even longer than this. A faulty furnace could result in many different things, such as illnesses or even an explosion. An explosion or fire from a dying furnace is very unlikely because they will normally just shut down but it is still possible.

To prevent this from happening at New York Boiler and AC repair, we want to make sure you know the identifiers. The first significant identifier is your furnace creating a smell. Since these furnaces run on gas or electricity, when the installation unit is dying, an unusual scent may occur. When your furnace installation unit does not turn on or gives you difficulty trying to turn it on this is another identifier. A gas or oil furnace installation unit is supposed to save you thousands on your gas or electric bill. When you see an abnormal or usually higher gas or electric bill, this is a sign that your furnace needs work or replacement. Another giant detector is your carbon-monoxide detector going off due to the unusual furnace smells of a dying furnace. A gas or oil furnace is supposed to save you thousands and enhance your air quality. A dying furnace will do the exact opposite. The low air quality from a dying furnace could cause or trigger allergies or asthma.

There are many different signs when you need a new oil or gas installation unit. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want our clients to understand that they do not have to be an HVAC technician to understand and identify these issues with their HVAC installation unit. We want to educate and help our customers by being able to self-identify a problem. This way our skilled Long Island HVAC technicians can come in and give a more detailed description. Self-identification is a crucial factor, and at New York Boiler and AC repair, we want our customers to know how to do this.

The Tail of the Dying Furnace

After recognizing a dying furnace's self-identifiers, there are many health risks that a dying oil or gas furnace can do to you, your family, or your business. Furnaces are a significant source of deadly carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide is an invisible and undetectable gas that kills many people every year. An excellent oil or gas furnace would not omit these kinds of dangerous gases; however, when a furnace is on its last legs, this is can very likely happen. A furnace is a significant source for deadly gases. That is why it is essential to have a carbon monoxide detector inside your home. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we care about your safety; that's why it's vital to get your gas or oil furnace serviced annually to ensure that it is running in the best condition possible to avoid these hazards. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer and can harm people much quicker than anticipated. People think that an old furnace could only cause an explosion or a fire but the consequences can be much more severe than that. The death or injury caused by an oil or gas furnace is very unexpected and very much real. If you do not remember the last time your furnace was repaired or serviced, call immediately because you are putting yourself and others at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our handy Long Island HVAC technicians can get to the bottom of the issue once called in and have a replacement or repaired installation unit immediately.

We at New York boiler and AC repair have 24-hour hotlines. If you even suspect that your furnace could be going wrong or would need replacement, call now. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call. Our Long Island HVAC technicians are only a phone call away. We service all over Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk county. The person who always waited to replace their oil or gas furnace last ever regretted it. We do not want our customers to live with this fear and regret. We want to do the most in our ability to help ensure our clients' safety. We just need you to take the first step and call.

Prevent, Recognize, and Act on Early HVAC Boiler Deterioration

Early recognition of your water boiler heating system's deterioration can hold many benefits to a person who has a water boiler heater HVAC system or a boiler system. Early recognition of the system going old or faulty is a significant part of taking preventative action. A few simple tips on how to do so could save your life, or even your family’s life. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want to ensure our clients can make early recognition. There are many different warning signs that you may need to replace your water boiler installation unit. Many people do not know the signs resulting in extra costs and even extensive damages to your home. Our resourceful, skilled Long Island HVAC technicians want to do the best to prevent this hypothetical problem from becoming a horrifying reality.

First, after installing your water boiler heater system, try to keep track of when precisely the unit was installed because, after twenty years, your system is more at risk for breakage. An HVAC technician would recommend that you replace your water boiler heater system every 10-15 years. Even though the procedure may last longer, an old unit could risk pipes bursting, sudden damage, and no hot water for bathing. This a surreal issue that could become a reality when you do not remember when your unit was installed despite it still working. These extra costs could add up to thousands of dollars in damages that could have been prevented. Another prominent early preventative and recognition sign is when your water boiler heater installation unit makes noises or leaks. Your water boiler heater installation unit should not produce noises or leaks. When this happens, call us immediately to investigate this issue further. When you do not remember when your water boiler heater unit was installed, some signs of old age and need of a replacement is when you look at your water running and notice rusty water or cold water. That is an enormous key factor when trying to have early identification on when you're due for an upgrade on your water boiler heater.

Waiting too long can result in tragic consequences for you and your home; at New York Boiler and AC repair, we service all over Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk county. If you detect some early signs of water boiler heater deterioration, take the step and call us, and our HVAC heater repairers will take the initiative.

Help Save and Conserve the Environment and Install Your HVAC Unit Today

Many different types of HVAC installation units help preserve our ecosystem. Global warming and climate change worldwide are significantly underestimated. Many people think that they cannot make a difference in our ecosystem. However, many HVAC technicians will beg to differ when you install your HVAC installation unit. Whether this is in your home or commercial building, you are making an impact and fighting global warming. Even by installing your oil furnace heater today, you save wildlife and our environment as we speak. If everyone could take the initiative of calling and installing an oil furnace heater or an AC installation unit, we could live comfortably and save the environment. When we do not choose to install an oil furnace or an AC installation unit, we will heat our homes and commercial builds in ways that unintentionally emit fumes into the atmosphere. When we do this, we are accidentally omitting greenhouse gases into the environment, which causes our ozone layer to deteriorate more. We need an ozone layer to protect us from ultraviolet rays produced by the sun on the planet earth. When we are not using our oil furnace or AC installation unit, we destroy
our ecosystem and habitat more each time.

The environment is a forgiving living being too, and it is not too late to install your HVAC oil furnace or AC installation unit. Even though there is a significant benefit to the environment and conserving it, when you choose this option, you could also save thousands of dollars. That is a double positive! The greenhouse effect is a horrifying harsh reality for the inhabitants of the earth, such as ourselves and wildlife. We need to conserve the world, and to install an HVAC oil furnace or AC installation unit may seem like a small step, but imagine if people all over Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk county took this; it would be one giant step. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want to be apart of the cause to prevent global warming and climate change; our Long Island HVAC technicians wish to spread awareness of this serious issue and service your home. If Long Island could take this step, next is even more prominent such as the whole New York state; and then perhaps the country. Take this step to combat global warming with us; our skilled HVAC technicians are on the lines 24 hours a day.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment contact our team today at (516) 219-1952 or fill out our quick and easy online form.