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Stop the Spread: Invest in the Merv Filter

Stop the spread of germs by investing in a MERV filter for your home.

There are many ways in which we, as Americans, try to stop the spread of the flu virus and COVID-19. As we know from months of extensive research on COVID-19 and years of research on the flu virus, there are many ways to prevent these viruses from spreading. We take many different preventative measures such as taking the flu vaccine, wearing masks, and washing our hands. There are more things that we can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 and flu, especially within our home. Some filters, such as the MERV 13, can be installed to help prevent many cases of flu and Covid-19 causing pathogens.

The benefit of this filter, especially the MERV 13, would be that it can filter out micro bacteria causing many different viruses and many other allergens. Many of us are front-line workers in this pandemic, and we have to go outside every day; the MERV 13 filter can help clean our air and make it safe again. We want our front-line workers to be safe. Our HVAC technicians are front-line workers, and we want to be sure that when we all return from outside, we are not bringing airborne pathogens into our home. Even if you are not a front-line worker, we understand that you have to go out to get essentials; when you return, we want to be sure that you are safe.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we can install the MERV 13 filter in your furnace or AC installation unit. When you have a Furnace or AC HVAC installation unit, installing a MERV 13 filter is easy. You don’t even need to think about it; just give us a call and we'll handle the rest. Our skilled Long Island HVAC technicians want to stop the spread and contain these viruses. The only way to prevent these viruses is to ensure that we have the proper equipment in our home to eliminate them. The MERV 13 filter filters out allergens, dust mites, and even micro-bacteria that cause viruses and illness. The MERV 13 filter is an investment in your health and safety. Call today to act on this investment; it will save you thousands.

The Benefit of Merv Filters Within Your Commercial Business

There are many benefits to installing a MERV filter in your commercial business. Thousands of people enter inside your building every day; having a MERV filter is a great way to protect everyone within your company. Right now in the world, we are going through a pandemic with the COVID-19 virus. This virus has affected many different groups of people worldwide. COVID-19 has caused millions of deaths worldwide, as well as millions of businesses to shut down all over the world. With this virus having been here for almost a year now, scientists have been able to study this virus and tell us precisely what different preventative measures we should take. Since this virus is airborne and lives on surfaces, a MERV filter would be very resourceful, especially within your commercial business. Many different companies have been forced to shut down; installing a MERV filter could help prevent your business from shutting down. The MERV filter is unique because it has the ability to filter out small pathogens and bacteria in the air. This could be a significant preventative action to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we carry and specialize in MERV 13 installation. The MERV 13 filter is one of the best because of its ability to filter out the smallest types of pathogens out there. Filtering out these pathogens will keep a commercial building safe and up and running. Being in the New York Long Island area, cases are still rising daily. As a business owner, let's take the next step in preventing the spread. Installing a MERV 13 filter could save your business and save lives. Overall this filter is an excellent investment for your business because, along with taking other precautions, this filter could stop the spread of this virus. The sooner we can stop the spread, the sooner things can reopen, and there won't be this constant fear of another quarantine and business shut down again. At New York Boiler and AC repair, our Long Island HVAC technicians will come in and install this filter for your commercial building. Act now before it's too late and the city shuts down for a second time. Be the help that we need in Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk county; stop the spread.

Merv 13 Filters: How Are They Best Suitable for Your Office Space?

Since this pandemic began the MERV 13 air filters have become one of the best filters to have with your HVAC unit. There have been many studies done displaying that these filters not only prevent allergies from spreading and getting worse but have also helped prevent other illnesses as well. Since quarantine has ended and a lot of businesses have reopened there has been a second wave of COVID-19. In many studies conducted it was shown that this virus as well as other pathogens are airborne. There is not much we can do to combat things that we cannot see such as micro-bacteria and pathogens. However, something that can do is to use the MERV 13 filters. These filters can filter out much of the bacteria that we cannot see. Since the world has been slowly opening back up we are more susceptible to the virus. The only way we can ensure that the virus is contained especially within our workplace is by maintaining a clean and bacteria-free environment.

At New York Boiler and AC repair, we understand that sanitation and cleanliness are some of the most important factors in maintaining a safe work environment. Especially in today’s climate and the COVID cases rising daily, our company offers sanitation services to office spaces all over Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau county. The MERV 13 filter is very important, especially in today’s climate. This filter keeps the air clean, cleaning out things that are airborne; things that are invisible to the human eyes to see. Nowadays we spend more time in our office space than we do in the comfort of our own homes. It is important to ensure that the environment and air are both clean to keep us safe both at home and at work. Our HVAC technicians want to ensure that you are safe; that is why we also offer consultation services pertaining to MERV 13 filters. The only way to take preventative measures is to be sure that the extra step is being processed and made and you call us. You have nothing to lose by calling, but when you don’t call there is a lot more to lose.

Local Gyms Opening Up: Is it Really Safe?

Quarantine had now ended in New York City and starting in September many things have begun opening up again to the public such as department stores, and gyms. We have been told that it is safe to go out as long as we wear a face covering. It is important to know that not everything is always 100% effective, that is just life. When we decide to go to the gym again, do we think about if an HVAC unit was installed with the AC in our gym? The short answer of that is we should be. We're going to address some issues as to why you should consider going to a gym that has an HVAC system as opposed to not having one.

Many gyms do have an HVAC system, which means central heat and AC. This is great news because it means that that filters can be installed in your local gym. Filters such as the MERV, have the ability to filters out many pathogens that are invisible to us and can cause allergies and even viruses.

At New York Boiler and AC repair we care about these issues and believe filters are definitely a necessity especially when it comes to working out. Most commercial gyms do have an HVAC installation cooling and heating unit, to ensure the comfortability of the patrons of the gym. Usually, you can tell if your local gym you're attending has an HVAC system because you will see the air ducts in which the air is coming from. If they do not have one and are just using standard AC and heat this may put you at risk as a gym-goer because there would be no way to install an air filter for the air.

If you're a local gym owner or goer and you see that your gym does not have this do not freight. You could always give New York Boiler and AC repair a call any time, day or night. We could come and install one at any time. Any HVAC technician would tell you that installing this system would save your gym thousands but this could also save your life. You can never be too careful especially with flu season around the corner. These MERV filters do a lot of things that we do not see. Especially when you're working out and doing breathing exercises it is important to ensure that you are breathing in clean air, while you're trying to improve yourself. When going to the gym you shouldn’t be scared you’ll get sick from the air, that's why there are MERV filters to help clear the air.

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