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Brace Yourself for an Unpredictable Winter During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brace Yourself for an Unpredictable Winter During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the decade, there have been unpredictable weather spikes due to Global Warming and many other environmental factors to consider. These weather spikes have caused shorter summers and longer winters. Overall historical record should predict these spikes over the decade and climate changes that we would be expecting a cold winter for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Especially within the recent amount of abundant snowfall very early within this winter season, we have to prepare for this harsh winter. The winter weather can take a significant toll on your home and your family because of all the extra work you have to do with the snow and the cold weather. Now is the time to check on your HVAC system; especially your hot water boiler and furnace installation units. Do you remember the last time you serviced your boiler or furnace after the installation of an HVAC system?

Hot water boilers and furnace installation units have a life expectancy of about 15-25 years but we should consider there are different installation units and factors that can change this perception. It is recommended that you replace your hot water boiler and furnace installation unit as well as other HVAC installation units every 10-15 years. With the weather and climate changing every day progressively, it is uncertain when there will be an abundant amount of snowfall or frigid weather climate. It is estimated that we will have a freezing winter leading to snow and hail this year. These harsh winter climates can strain your system, and your HVAC system would be essential in these times because you need heat. Boiler systems and hot water heaters need to be maintained and repaired more frequently because of the constant climate change. Even though these units are built for everyday usage, there is the consideration that the climate will increase to something colder than usual. The over usage of your system could cause more deterioration.

Boiler maintenance is a necessity that is overlooked because not everyone knows much about boilers. That is why before you are in drastic need of a boiler repair, it is essential to give our Long Island HVAC technicians a call. At New York Boiler and AC repair, we want nothing more than to keep you and your family warm by repairing your boilers and furnaces. We service HVAC of all sorts in Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau County, and there are many different types of boiler contracts for constant maintenance that we offer. Colder weather brings more possibilities of viruses and germs spreading quickly. That is because when you are in a colder climate, you are more susceptible to contracting a cold or flu. These two things can lead to possibly more severe illnesses from the cold climate. The only way we could help eliminate the odds of contracting a cold or flu is to be sure that we are in our lovely heated homes. The weather for the remainder of the winter is expected to be very cold and harsh; you wouldn't want to get stuck in the heart of the winter with no HVAC installation unit or a down unit. So do yourself a favor and call us for a free estimate to ensure that your system is working at its best! These estimates are significant because even if your boiler/furnace needs repair, you won’t know until you call us at New York Boiler and AC repair.

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