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New York Boiler & Air Conditioning Service is the company of choice for all your Oil Burner Service, Repair and replacement needs. Our commitment is to you, our customer, and to provide you with outstanding Oil Burner Repair Service. You can rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, 24 hour emergency service @ 516.377.5200, solid warranty, and highly dedicated technicians. We service & repair any Oil Burner no matter where you bought it!

Whether you’re looking for boiler service, boiler maintenance, boiler repair, or a new boiler installation, We can help. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast, quick, and easy local service, repair, and maintenance of your gas boiler, electric boiler, and hot water boiler. Whether your Oil Burner isn’t firing up, or your Oil Burner isn’t heating water, Our Oil Burner Service Technicians are highly trained, licensed, nearby, and guaranteed to help fix all of your Burner problems.

New York Boiler & Air Conditioning Repair offers a complete range of heating and cooling services including: inspection, installation, repair services designed to meet your needs and budget. Our team of boiler service professionals has the expertise required to accurately assess the state of your equipment, and make recommendations that will best serve your home.

We are proud to be part of the Long Island, Baldwin (Nassau & Suffolk County), serving your Boiler Installation, Service & Repair needs. Whether you need:

Oil Burner Service & Repair
Oil Burner Tune-Ups & Installations
Oil Burner Nozzle Replacement
Oil Burner Maintenance

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The best way to keep your costs down is to perform regular maintenance on your Burner. Most problems that might occur with your Burner are "nickel and dime" expenses that will add up. Oil Burners can last many years by keeping it in working order, you won't find yourself in a cold shower facing an emergency situation to get your burner repaired.

Some Common Oil Burner Problems

Burner Doesn’t Operate

Among the first things to check are the obvious, does the unit have fuel and is it getting electrical power. This problem may also be caused by a thermostat that is set too low. Other possibilities are that there is a control problem or the furnace is off on limit.

What we need to Check / Fix

Check fuel level. Check for a blown fuse or open circuit breaker, or if a switch has been left off. Get some fuel. Check for a blown fuse or open circuit breaker, or if a switch has been left off.

Burner is Operational but will not Fire

Again the furnace may lack fuel or there may be a problem with oil delivery. There could be a plugged nozzle, filter, or oil line, or a valve could be left off. There may be a cracked porcelain. The problem could be a weak transformer/igniter, electrodes set incorrectly, too much air, oil pump not working, or pump coupling stripped.

What we need to Check / Fix

Check fuel, check for plugged nozzle, filter, or oil line, Open valve. Replace cracked porcelains.
Test and replace transformer/ igniter if necessary. Adjust electrodes. Adjust air, then perform a combustion analysis. Test oil pump. Replace stripped pump coupling

Burner Smokes

The furnace may have a partially plugged nozzle, it may need a burner adjustment, or it may not have the proper end cone. Other possibilities, not enough air, plugged chimney or heat exchanger, over fire, or wrong nozzle.

What we need to Check / Fix

Clean or replace the nozzle, adjust the burner according to manufacturer’s specifications, or replace the end cone.
Adjust air and perform a combustion analysis. Check chimney condition and heat exchanger condition. Check manufacturer’s ratings plate for the correct nozzle size, spray pattern, angle, and oil pump pressure.

Odors or Fumes

Odor or fume problems could be caused by the same things that create smoke problems. There may be a partially plugged nozzle, the burner may need adjustment, or the furnace may not have the proper end cone. This could also be caused by a cracked heat exchanger.
Other causes, are delayed ignition, the heat exchanger and/or chimney needs cleaning, combustion air has been hindered, or items are being stored too close to the smoke pipe or furnace.

What we need to Check / Fix

Clean or replace the nozzle, adjust the burner, or replace the end cone. Check for a cracked heat exchanger and replace.
Correct the delayed ignition. Clean the furnace/chimney. Do a combustion analysis to determine what is hindering the combustion air. Move items from the furnace room and instruct the occupant to keep the necessary clearance from this heat-generating appliance.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

You could have an improperly sized furnace or that the system is not adjusted properly.
The Burner may need cleaning; it may have the wrong nozzle; oil pump pressure is elevated; the ductwork leaks; ductwork is uninsulated; the home doesn’t have the right amount of insulation or has leaky windows and doors; or the doors and windows are being left open.

What we need to Check / Fix

If replacing, perform a load calculation to determine the correct size and install a properly sized unit. Make adjustments using instruments.
Have the Burner cleaned annually. Install the correct nozzle. Check and adjust oil pump pressure. Seal duct leaks. Insulate ductwork.

Whatever your issue, ALWAYS hire a professional to fix it. When dealing with Burners - you don't want to take any chances with your safety.
Most Oil Burners need repair and service in order to continue working at optimum efficiency. Oil Burners are relatively efficient, but not always easy to fix. Hiring us @ New York Boiler & Air Conditioning Repair we offer top quality workmanship that essential in keeping your home comfortable.

Oil Burner Problems can be discovered during routine maintenance tune-ups. For all these common issues, our professionally qualified, Oil Burner Service Technician can promptly analyze the problem area and implement the necessary repairs. CALL 516.377.5200 today for your Oil Burner Repair Service

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